Engage Prospects, Qualify Leads

Webinars are powerful tools for qualifying leads

Webinars provide some of the earliest opportunities to test brand acceptance with prospects. But producing an educational webinar that engages your audience requires:

  • A compelling topic worthy of their time.
  • A well-orchestrated script and production plan.
  • A comprehensive promotion strategy to encourage the maximum number of attendees.

You may also want to use video post-production on your webinar to enhance its value for wider distribution.

We’ll help you host a webinar that engages prospects

Innovative Marketing Resources can help you with every stage of the webinar creation and promotion process. We work with you to determine the best topics for your webinars, book guest speakers, write scripts that fit the allocated time slot and manage recording.

Prior to the event we create:

  • Custom landing pages designed to capture the interest and contact information of webinar attendees.
  • Emails for nurturing the interest of webinar attendees and keeping in touch with them after the event.
  • Blog posts to attract organic leads to your webinars with educational content.
  • Social media content to promote your webinar to prospects already on your buyer’s journey as well as new potential buyers.

Our marketing technologists handle the technical side of the webinar hosting process, integrating platforms like GoToWebinar and HubSpot so you can stay in touch with attendees after the event.

Webinar contribution to your lead generation campaign is tracked in our Lead Quality Report so you can determine which topics produce the best sales qualified leads and ROI.

"85% of people use webinars for educating  existing and potential customers" 
- UnBounce