Content Marketing


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the response to the new paradigm that buyers now are in control of information about your product or service. Competitor research, reviews, and more are just a quick Google search away. Today, typical B2B buyers will have gone through almost 60% of their purchasing decision before even engaging with a sales rep.

Content marketing is the consistent, ongoing production of relevant, educational content that speaks to the buyer at every stage of their "buyer's journey,” from researching their problem and potential solutions, to evaluating different services and products, to ultimately making a decision.

This content educates the prospect, builds trust, and eventually nurtures them to a point to reach out to a sales rep.

Yes, the rep is still important! And yes, if you do content marketing right, your sales qualified prospects will ask to speak to your reps (did we mention no cold calling?) when they are ready to buy.

Consistently publishing new and relevant content will continuously grow your online audience and improve your rank in Google search.


The Content Marketer’s Blueprint™ 

Most businesses fail when trying content because they lack a coherent strategy. They produce case studies and throw them at every visitor who comes to their site, or they blog once a month and wonder why their Google ranking isn't improving. Neither of these is true content marketing and neither will help you grow your business.

A good content strategy includes all the types of content your buyers need to find you, learn about you and get comfortable reaching out to a sales rep (including educational, non-branded content that positions you as an expert without being sales-y).

We start all of our clients off by putting together a Content Marketer's Blueprint, a customized strategy with 3 months of blog topics, premium content offers, automated nurturing emails, and a plan to execute, analyze, and refine the strategy.