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Do Inbound Right. Get Results, Not Frustration

Inbound marketing is no fad. It’s a proven, systematic way of presenting your brand online to attract and engage prospects to a point of sales readiness. And it’s proven especially powerful for B2B and schools marketing.

But even experienced marketers can be frustrated by the complicated tools, structured campaigns, and unfamiliar data. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. The inbound marketing assessment and planning tools used by more HubSpot agencies than any other is available to you.

We can help you start your inbound marketing program the right way with our inbound marketing assessment.

Our assessment includes:

  • A Content Marketer’s Blueprint, a customized strategy for building a successful business using the science of inbound marketing.
  • Identalytics™ analysis, our proprietary technique for measuring the effectiveness of your brand
  • A Lead Quality Report, a data-driven report on where your marketing dollars are going and the results they’re generating (or lack thereof).

It all begins with your brand

We kick off our assessment of your brand by benchmarking your current marketing efforts and your market position. We review your marketing goals, evaluate your overall marketing strategy, conduct a competitive analysis, and analyze your website’s mobile-friendliness, usability, structure, and messaging.

Then we interview your employees, customers, “lost business opportunities,” and customers who have stopped using your product or service and, using our proprietary Identalytics™ analysis, we create a detailed report showing:

  • Your buyer personas.
  • Your marketing position.
  • The gaps between your position and your goals (positioning).

These results, plus the structure of the Content Marketer’s Blueprint become the foundation for the unique strategy and tactics for creative, messaging, content, and promotion plans to achieve your goals with inbound marketing.

You can only improve what you can measure

Why does content marketing stop working? Offers that were hot, suddenly are not. Blogging doesn’t seem to product results. What went wrong?

Things change: SEO requirements, competition, increasingly sophisticated buyers. The reason strategies work and then stop working is because they are not continuously refined to match market conditions. Refinement requires measurement and that’s where the Lead Quality Report comes in.

The Lead Quality Report enables you to instantly see cause and effect and know where your marketing investments are paying off or how to refine your tactics to get better results. The Lead Quality report covers:

  • Content marketing.
  • SEO and PPC.
  • Demand generation.
  • Marketing automation.

No trying to make sense of confusing Google Analytics or HubSpot data. No guess work. Just actionable data you can use.

The science of inbound marketing just for your business

In addition to your Content Marketer’s Blueprint, your Identalytics analysis, and your Lead Quality Report, we complete your assessment with specific recommendations, market position analysis, measurement and reports, and of course budgets.

You can implement our recommendations on your own or work with our team of professionals to make them happen. It’s up to you!

No matter how you decide to implement your marketing program, experience has shown that businesses that have an assessment from Innovative Marketing Resources get better, faster inbound marketing results than those that don’t.

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