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Drowning in a Sea of Data

One of the most striking changes in marketing over the past ten years is the availability of data. It’s everywhere. We have data on visits, data on clicks, data on page hotspots, data on bounces, data on shares. The truth is most marketers have more data than they know what to do with. Information overload, or worse, information paralysis.

How do you make sense of all this data and how do you know which metrics are useful and which are just meaningless fluff? How do you correlate data to your marketing strategy in an actionable way? What are your key performance indicators (KPIs)?

That’s why Innovative Marketing Resources created the Lead Quality Report™.


What is the Lead Quality Report?

The Lead Quality Report is an inbound-marketing-specific software tool and report generator that takes all the raw data from your website, blog, PPC, email, and social media campaigns and presents it on a dashboard to quickly and easily answer critical performance questions like:

  • “Which source produces the most sales qualified leads?”
  • “Which offers produce the best qualified sales leads?”
  • “How quickly are leads moving from interest-only to sales qualified?”
  • “Where are promising prospects getting stuck in my conversion strategy?”

These are the types of questions that you, as an inbound marketer or business owner, should be tracking as you seek to improve your process by attracting more qualified visitors and nurturing their interest to a point of meaningful sales engagement.

One Size Does not Fit All


The KPIs for your school or business are not the same as the KPIs for another. One size does not fit all when it comes to measuring the performance of your marketing. That’s why each LQR is created from your unique marketing strategy. The Content Marketer’s Blueprint and LQR go hand in hand so that you’re measuring the specific tactics called for in your strategy not just generic internet data that makes conclusions more difficult that tea leaves to read.

At IMR, every client receives a Lead Quality Report each month. It is part of the account management process we use to deliver the most effective inbound marketing services… and keep you moving toward your goals.

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