Meet Your Future Inbound Marketing Team

Leading IMR's Boston-based team of marketing strategists, content experts, designers, and developers is a group of award-winning professionals.

Kevin Jorgensen

Kevin Jorgensen | Technology

Kevin has been working in and around startups and established businesses for the past 28 years. As a serial entrepreneur and “business grower”, Kevin has led marketing, sales and product development teams in packaged software, enterprise software, software as a service and marketing services businesses. He’s been using HubSpot since 2008 and has authored numerous proprietary marketing automation and web-to-consumer applications. Kevin’s passions include making complex things elegantly simple and easy to understand, bringing new technologies to market and growing companies. Together with childhood friend, Joe Pettirossi, he acquired IMR in 2004 and transformed it from a traditional outbound direct marketing agency into one of the premier inbound agency brands.  He’s presently leading efforts at IMR for corporate messaging, technology platforms, and business process optimization.


Joe Pettirossi | Advisor

Joe is passionate about growing businesses.  He has worked in senior operating and finance roles in various industries and has a proven track record of success. His focus on hiring and developing the best talent, designing the right process to profitably scale a business and implementing the right technology to drive efficiency continue to be keys to maximizing results. Together with childhood friend, Kevin Jorgensen, Joe acquired IMR in 2004 and helped transform it from a traditional outbound direct marketing agency into one of the premier inbound agency brands. He now helps IMR clients profitably grow their businesses.


Ross Simons | Senior Consultant

Ross traded the rural sprawl of Texas for the cramped quarters of the "big" city of Boston and has never looked back. Graduating with a BSBA from Babson and with an inbound marketing certification from Hubspot, he plowed headfirst into inbound marketing.  In addition to delighting clients and experimenting in Hubspot, Ross also enjoys improv, theatre, technology, and biking to work in 4 degree weather.

Matthew Cook

Matthew Cook | Content

Matthew heads IMR's content creation team. He developed and is always fine-tuning the agency's process for capturing the unique expertise and voice of its clients and turning it into high-quality content that is valued and shared by soon-to-be customers. Before becoming an inbound marketer, Matthew spent eight years honing his writing and information-gathering skills in several newsrooms throughout New England and New York and earned a master's degree in English literature.

Beverly Jorgensen

Beverly Jorgensen | Creative Director

Beverly has been perfecting her skills as a designer for the past 24 years. She’s a creative thinker, with a keen eye for detail, a strong technical ability and a boundless enthusiasm for design, illustration, and photography. Starting with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of typography, color and page design, she has developed expertise in print, data-driven publishing and digital design and enjoys working closely with clients on projects.

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