How many inbound marketing agencies do you know that employ engineers? Real big data, SQL, Ruby on Rails engineers? At IMR, we believe that if you’re going to stay ahead of the curve, technology isn’t something you can just talk about. That’s why we employ engineers in addition to web designers, writers, creative specialists and direct marketing professionals.

Here is some of the technology that we’ve created and use every day to help our clients get noticed, engage prospects and build customer relationships.


The Content Marketer’s Blueprint

We create each unique marketing strategy starting with buyer personas and automated analysis based on our own research and experience. The strategy itself is a data-driven process… which is exactly what it delivers for each of our clients.

E-commerce Platform

Ours is the only e-commerce platform that is integrated with HubSpot and popular CRM packages and is completely configurable to your needs, from presentation layer to shopping cart to access from within your CRM workflows with custom business rules. Our e-commerce solutions do exactly what your prospects need to keep them buying more and building lasting relationships with your business.

Lead Quality Report

Every marketer loves the HubSpot graphs. All that data at your fingertips! But if you’ve used HubSpot (or any other marketing automation platform) you’ve quickly discovered that mapping those reports into your strategy can be a challenge. When your CEO wants to know where prospects are getting stuck in the buyer’s journey or which content is producing the most sales qualified leads, you don’t want to be struggling to fit your strategy onto someone else’s report.


That’s why we developed our own analysis and reporting package that measures exactly what the strategy calls for. Do we still use Google Analytics and HubSpot’s graphs? You bet. But our clients get analysis that really measures their performance.


Data-Driven Content Platform 

We’re all used to the idea that data can be used to create personalized marketing. Emails and even web pages are personalized to create the most engaging online experience. What about more complex content? eBooks? Quotes? Reports? Downloadable PDFs? IMR’s data-driven content platform extends personal experiences to create lasting personalized content that helps your organization stand out from the competition.

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