Inbound Marketing for B2B e-commerce

Transforming the sales process to be more accessible, efficient, and measurable through inbound marketing

Does your business have one or more of these six B2B marketing and sales qualities?

  1. Sells through reps or distributors
  2. Uses RFQ responses to initiate sales
  3. Uses  application notes or cut sheets to get "specified" into an engineer's product
  4. Often the sales isn't done until "procurement" gives its OK
  5. Has customers that are tax exempt OEMs or that pay with POs or summary billing
  6. Has products that have one or more specifications that configure the product specifically for an individual client

If so, your business is about to be disrupted by a technology tsunami. Businesses selling to businesses are moving online, going mobile and automating the sales process at incredible rates. The latest research tells us:

  • According to Forrester Research52% of B2B buyers are doing product research with their smartphones
  • By 2018, wholesalers and manufacturers will outstrip retailers in e-commerce technology investments
  • B2B companies are taking advantage of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to bypass the competitive, price-cutting environment of marketplaces like Amazon Business
  • Integrated B2B e-commerce solutions that also include digital order writing for field sales, automated order sync, and integrations with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are allowing wholesalers to not just sell their products to retailers online, but also streamline the entire order management process.

As these trends drive B2B e-commerce, inbound marketing is the enabling technology that transforms business websites from online brochures to mobile-friendly revenue generators.


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At Innovative Marketing Resources, we’ve built our agency helping businesses that sell to businesses. Our principals and staffers aren’t just writers and graphic designers, they’re C-level sales and operations professionals with hands-on experience starting successful companies and running publicly traded US corporations. We understand the business challenge and we bring that expertise to every engagement. 

To learn more about our experience in B2B marketing, check out our expert advice and client stories on the Innovative Marketing Blog.

A proven inbound marketing strategy for B2B e-commerce

Inbound marketing works when you understand what your prospective customers are looking for online and what content can help them make an online purchasing decision or submit an RFQ. With every B2B e-commerce client, we research their buying process, understand their customer’s needs, and discover their competitive differentiators to create a content strategy that speaks to their wants, needs, questions, and concerns.

Our B2B e-commerce services include:

  • Detailed prospective client personas based on our interviews with your marketing team and real customers
  • E-commerce catalogs, shopping carts, and CRM integration to optimize the buyer’s journey from start to finish
  • A customized yearlong content marketing strategy built using our exclusive Content Marketer’s Blueprint™
  • Website optimization using the latest SEO best practices, prioritizing content prospective applicants care about most

Great content to attract great customers

Our inbound marketing strategy for B2B e-commerce is driven by valuable, shareable content your prospects can find online – blog posts, testimonials, selection guides, videos, application notes, you name it!

We will help your business:

  • Attract visitors by creating and publishing content on the topics prospective customers are Googling
  • Increase business prospects by creating content—like selection guides and application notes—prospects can access in exchange for their contact info
  • Build relationships with prospects with automated emails that lead them to take the “next step” to inquire about your business, submit an RFQ, or make a purchase right on your website

Testing, monitoring, and improving

We don’t think set-it-and-forget-it inbound marketing works. We’re constantly testing different topics, communication channels, and content formats. We aim to increase the overall quantity of leads, as well as the quality. If our efforts don’t generate more qualified sales engagements, it’s not a win. 

For every B2B e-commerce client we: 

  • Track prospective customers through every stage of the online buying process, from prospect to inquiry to purchase inquiry to sale
  • Monitor site behavior, email engagement, and blog performance
  • Track marketing ROI by content campaign, channel, and more

Learn more about our unique approach to inbound marketing for B2B e-commerce


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