We have only one.  IMR deploys inbound marketing best practices to help our clients grow their businesses.

After hundreds of client engagements, one thing we learned is that it's not possible to create real value for our customers with a la carte services like website redesign, SEO, social media or blog writing. There is a very specific process that leads to growing a company by attracting prospects and nurturing them to a point of sales engagement. Anything less just is not worthwhile.  We are not the only agency who understands this, but we are very different.  Where other agencies charge $10,000 monthly retainers to deliver a top-to-bottom menu of services, we have discovered how to offer a complete service for growing a business online starting at just $3,500 per month - complete with content!  Our programs scale to $5,000 or even $10,000 per month, but only because we are growing our clients' businesses and they want MORE.

In order to create a predictable flow of qualified leads that can be observed, measured and enhanced, marketers need a plan.  This plan must define the process for engaging visitors who may only be looking for relevant educational material and nurture them to qualify their interest in the company's brand and ultimately their willingness to engage with sales.  Without this plan, inbound marketing activities like blogging, social media, PPC, premium content, etc. are ineffective.  We call this plan the Content Marketer's Blueprint.  This client specific plan creates an inbound marketing engine that replicates your sales process, provides the content to fuel the engine and provides the analytics to ensure that everything is running at peak performance.

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