Gain a Social Edge With HootSuite, Topsy, Klout and Buffer

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Dec 14, 2012 1:37:00 PM

Social media is a big deal these days.  Many prospects may not even take a company
seriously, if it does not have a presence on Facebook and Twitter.  Gain-an-Edge-With-These-4-Social-Tools-social-media-marketingHowever, just having social media accounts for your business is not enough.  Tackling social media effectively takes strategy, insight, genuine engagement, smart social content curation, and dedication.  Creating original, share-worthy content, actively participating in industry discourse and building a following could win you a reputation as a thought leader and increased publicity and reach for your company.  Successful social media marketing needs to be consistent, organized and strategic, and you must be willing to allocate the necessary time and resources to creating and maintaining a stellar social media presence.  There are a variety of tools that simplify social sharing and content curation across multiple social networks—streamlining the management of your company and personal social media accounts.  Learn how HootSuite, Topsy, Klout and Buffer can save you time and increase the effectiveness of your social media presence.

Social Media Tools to Amplify Engagement and Influence


HootSuite is a top social media management dashboard.  The mobile app lets you to stay engaged on the go, which is great, as social media never stops.  HootSuite keeps you up-to-date about what your contacts and industry are conversing about.  Easily monitoring social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, enables you and your company to thwart or minimize any social media disasters.


Topsy is an analytic tool that helps you identify industry influencers, thought leaders and hot topics of industry discussion.  To achieve status as a trusted and credible authority, you must be knowledgeable about and actively engaged in industry discourse.  Topsy allows you to identify influencers by keyword, company name, person or category and see what content topics are popping in your industry. 

You can analyze the degree of influence content creators have on certain keywords, what they have written and shared on social networks and what others have published about these influencers.  Your original, share-worthy content should reflect your real-time industry knowledge and insight; you do not want to waste time creating content that no one will want to read or share.  Using an analytic tool like Topsy can bring enhanced strategy and focus to your content marketing and social content curation.


Klout is the most influential metric for online influence.  If you want to know whether or not someone is truly influential, check out their Klout and network influence scores.  A network influence score analyzes the influence of one's engaged audience—how much influence the audience wields and how much they actually listen to and engage with the particular thought leader and his or her shared, original content.  You can also use Klout to monitor your online mentions and interactions across multiple social networks, including when someone tweets your content.  The more social engagement and discussion you generate, the more your Klout score will rise.  Klout scores range from 1 to 100.  President Barack Obama has a Klout score of 99.  Top marketing blogger, Jeff Bullas, has a Klout score of 81, and HubSpot’s Klout score is 83.


Buffer is a social automation tool, which you can use to ensure that you have enough shared content periodically filtering through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  You can fill your Buffer queuewith links to your original and curated content, quotes, photos and commentsand designate the times you want Buffer to share them for you throughout the day.  Buffer automatically creates shortened links, which are essential for tweets.  While Buffer can obviously save you time, it also gives you a bird’s eye view of your social media activity, so you can fine-tune your language and the social impression you are making.   

The social media landscape is constantly evolving.  Smart social tools and analytics can save you and your business from getting left in the dust.  Adding some of these tools to your social media arsenal can aid you in creating share-worthy content, getting recognized as an industry thought leader, increasing your reach, generating and converting more leads, and achieving higher new business generation.  With the right strategy and tools, social influence is within reach for you and your company.


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