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Posted by Monica Romeri

Nov 14, 2012 11:53:00 AM

Google is one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world, attracting over a billion visitors each month.  Google+ has over 400 million users; Google Plus Pages for Business (GPPB) are easy to navigate and Google _inbound_marketingcan generate increased traffic at the top of lead funnels and amplify engagement opportunities.  With Direct Connect, searching “+ your company name” on Google leads potential clients right to your GPPB page.  There are numerous ways you can use Google+ for lead generation, including the sharing of content, images and video.  You can also leverage Google+ Circles to your advantage, embed the +1 button, create and frequent Google+ Events and Hangouts, make your content easier to find with author verification and increase your reach with Google AuthorRank.  Google+ is closely tied to and powered by Google Search, so having a GPPB page can significantly advance your company’s search rankings on Google as a whole.  With the immense influence of Google, revolutionary targeting and streamlined design, Google+ is a robust channel for targeted online marketing.  How can you make the most of Google+, amplify your inbound marketing and increase lead generation?  

Share Engaging Content

Sharing relevant, engaging and information-rich content can make your page a destination for those in your industry.  The types of content you share can vary, including articles, webinars, ebooks, whitepapers, videos and research reports.  You should share your own company’s most popular content, while also curating newsworthy content from industry thought leaders and professionals you follow and admire.  Keep your finger on the pulse of your industry.  Sharing and writing about trending industry topics will make you, your content and your company more likely to create a stir and capture the attention of your intended audience.  According to Magdalena Georgieva of HubSpot, the optimal time to share is between 10 am and 1 pm.  You should aim to create an update at least once daily.

Segment Your Audience with Circles

One of the most unique features of Google+ is built-in segmentation and lead-nurturing opportunities in the form of Google+ Circles, which let you share different information with different groups—separating your audience and nurturing them in unique ways.  Speak to the various needs of each of your buyer personas and present solutions within your content and engagement with them.  Context is extremely important.  Personalization and segmentation can greatly increase engagement and lead conversions.  You can notify up to 100 users of your updates; Google+ sends notice via email.  This is a ripe opportunity for engagement and lead development.  Just ensure that you only provide the right amount of relevant, targeted content to your Circles.  Failing to do this could get you branded as a spammer and cause users to block you and your content. 

Embed the +1 Button

Add the +1 button to your blog, which will enable your readers to publicly endorse your blog content on Google+ without having to leave your site.  Getting people to share your content via the +1 button can increase your reach, engagement and influence.  Increasing your social influence can ramp up your lead conversions

Take Advantage of Google+ Events 

Creating an event on Google+ plus allows you send invitations and share information in a rich, visually appealing format, including live photo slideshows.  Google+ lets all attendees share photos and comments before, during and after an event.  Signing up for an event will automatically add it your Google calendar, which is a useful integration.  Creating and promoting an event on Google+ can add to your organic SEO and increase your reach.  Google+ Events offers a rich, full experience and a hub for all conversation and information related to your event. 

Raise Your Profile as a Content Creator with Google AuthorRank

Google AuthorRank is going to change inbound marketing and SEO in a big way.   The concept of AuthorRank is that your reputation as a content creator will influence the ranking of search results.  AuthorRank will not negate the importance of PageRank.  Instead, AuthorRank data will be utilized to make search engine results smarter—ranking them according to the influence and reputation of content creators and weeding out spam and unoriginal content from top search rankings.  AuthorRank is Google’s solution for effectively indexing and judging constant streams of content.

Create a robust a Google+ profile—featuring your main content topics in your introduction.  Work to increase your influence and credibility on Google+.  Get engaged, and participate on the social network on a frequent and consistent basis.  Share great content often.  Build online relationships with top influencers and thought leaders in your industry.  Invest time in setting up Google Authorship.  Properly link all your relevant content from across the web to your Google+ profile.  Set up author verification on your company blog and wherever else you publish original content.  You could have your face showing up next to your content in search results.  Aligning your content and social sharing activities with Google best practices can greatly amplify your inbound marketing strategy and help you and your content shine brighter. 

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