Why Every Marketing Strategy Should Work Like Your GPS

It amazes me. I’ve worked through some of the biggest revolutions in marketing since the printing press… email replaced direct mail… websites replaced catalogs… social media replaced… well, pretty much everything… and in spite of all these really amazing, cool technological changes, I still see marketers committing the most basic cardinal sin… they’re really excited about where they want to go but never take the time to figure out where they’re starting from. As a result their messages don't resonate with their audience. Would-be buyers don't believe their claims. Marketing fails. The root cause? Their strategies are all about positioning but silent on position (more on that below). How can you understand how to get where you want to be if you don’t know where you are? Marketing strategy should be like a GPS for business and marketers would do well to review just how to use a GPS to get where they're going.

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Feb 14, 2018 7:17:17 AM

5 Businesses That Scored Big Wins With a Content Marketing Blueprint [Supersized Case Study]

Too often, businesses embark on an inbound marketing campaign with the full power of the HubSpot platform but no idea where to focus that power.

They flit from tactic to tactic — blogging, creating landing pages and calls-to-action, building social media campaigns, tracking keywords — hoping to gain traction by chance.

Or they put on their blinders, narrowly zeroing in on an arbitrary tactic with no plan to pivot away if it doesn’t work.

The results rarely make a convincing case to re-up that costly HubSpot subscription. But as the five case studies here show, inbound marketing can be worth it. It can generate quality sales leads and new customers. But you can’t get there with either the tunnel vision or shotgun approach.

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Jun 28, 2016 7:30:00 AM

How Your Small Business Can Tweet Like a Big Company

Social media and inbound marketing go together like beer and pizza. Sure, you could have one without the other, but dang it, it just doesn’t seem right.

If you’re lucky, your company is big enough (and wise enough) to hire a specialist to fill each role. For many marketing departments, that’s more a dream than a reality. So what’s a time-strapped marketer to do?

For the answer, I went to Chelsea Hunersen, social media and community growth manager at HubSpot.

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Mar 23, 2016 12:04:48 PM

[SEO Case Study] What Happens When You Blog Twice a Day for 5 Weeks?

In the Northeast following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, most people were left with catastrophe and businesses were forced to shut down for weeks due to damage, no electricity, phone lines, or heat.

It was a devastating time for the area, no matter how much you may have personally been hit by the storm.

When you work for other businesses, like marketing agencies do, your cashflow disappears really quick in this scenario. And that’s what happened to me at the time, as a one-person company trying to grow.

With this forced downtime, there was a silver lining.

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Feb 24, 2016 11:01:48 AM

Top 10 Free Apps to Make Digital Marketing Magic


Who says there’s no free lunch? They’re actually right; there isn’t. But if you’re getting started in marketing automation or if you’re already a user of marketing platforms like HubSpot or Marketo, there are some free tools that you can use to improve your effectiveness and make marketing magic.

But you already knew that, right? The reality is that a lot of the free tools out there are just junk. Buggy, bloated, or of questionable value. So the question isn’t whether or not there are free tools online. The million dollar question is which free tools will make you more productive and efficient and which tools will make you more of a digital marketing rock star with every minute of your precious time that you invest?

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Feb 17, 2016 8:00:00 AM

HubSpot Hack: How to Caption a Picture in the Blogging Tool Without Tables

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes, you need to add a few actual words to complete the story. For HubSpot users, this can be a minor annoyance, because HubSpot does not currently offer an easy way to add captions or credits below images in its blogging tool.

You could do this using tables or by messing around in the source code of your blog post, but for an English major like me, those methods are just asking for headaches. I hate wasting time and brainpower figuring out how to format a blog post just right. I want it to be easy.

So here’s how to add captions and photo credits to pictures in HubSpot without deviating too far into that analytical left side of your brain.

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Dec 29, 2015 7:30:00 AM

This Amp Goes to Eleven: What to Do When Nobody's Reading Your Incredible Marketing Content

“What do you mean nobody read my whitepaper? We spent over a month researching, writing, and designing it.We even interviewed our buyer personas to make sure it was content they’d want to read! How can nobody be clicking on it? You’re the consultant, what’d we do wrong here?!”

Surprisingly, in situations like these, my answer is oftentimes, “Nothing.”

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Dec 17, 2015 2:00:42 PM

Your First Blog Post Ever? Do These 4 Things and You’ll Be Fine

What a relief it was to hit send on your final college essay (or, if you’re old enough, scrunch your final handwritten word at the bottom of the last page of your last little blue book). In that moment, you knew you would never again be judged for the quality of your writing. You had a lifetime ahead of you free from care of grammar and sentence structure. The agonizing hours you spent forcing your jumbled thoughts into well-ordered strings of words were over.

How wrong you were.

After years of writing nothing more complex than a text message, you’ve suddenly found yourself in the role of soon-to-be-published author. How did this happen? Inbound marketing. More specifically, your company’s marketing team and their annoying obsession with getting everyone to contribute to the blog.

So You Have a Blog Post Due...

You’re facing the first blog assignment of your life and whatever writing skills you had, you left far behind you in college with your Frisbees and Dave Matthews posters. How do you cram for this test?

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Nov 17, 2015 8:00:00 AM

What Makes Awesome Content So Awesome? The Best Answer I've Seen So Far

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: To succeed at inbound marketing, you need awesome content. Or maybe you’ve heard it another way. At the Inbound 2015 conference this fall, phrases like “remarkable content,” “killer content,” and even “stellar content” reverberated off the walls of the cavernous Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Unfortunately, when you’re staring at a blank Word doc and racking your brain for ways to write content that will actually attract visitors to your business’s website, keep them there, keep them coming back, and eventually get them to buy something, a snappy adjective in front of the word “content” will only get you so far.

What is there to remark on in remarkable content? How does awesome content inspire awe? What, exactly, does killer content kill? And what rocket fuel lifts stellar content into the cosmos?

In other words, how do you know if your content’s any good?

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Nov 10, 2015 7:30:00 AM

The Goldilocks Modern Marketing Budget For Every Business

Marketing and sales have changed. If you’ve been involved in marketing or selling goods and services for 5 or more years you’ve see your world turned upside down.

One of the most dramatic changes is customer sales-contact. In today’s competitive markets, by the time a sales person at your company has had the chance to engage with prospects the prospect already knows exactly what they want: Prospects are increasingly self-educated about products, solutions, pricing and competitors.

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Nov 4, 2015 7:57:13 AM