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5 New Ways To Real-Time Content Curation In 10 Minutes A Day

Posted by Kevin Jorgensen


Content has evolved into a 24x7 phenomenon. I typically post to this blog once or twice a week but the reality is that I’m creating content all the time, some of it just chatter but also some very useful insights and analyses. Twitter is widely recognized as the driving force behind the real-time news sharing phenomenon we've experienced in the last few years.

Many earlier adopters of Twitter generated significant followings using their ability to scan the web for evergreen content relevant to their niche and then share their 'found' goodies on a social network at times it's most likely to be clicked.

However, as more and more Tweeters discovered, this way of adding value to the social media community to build followings, became a lot more competitive. Most reliable content sources were shared so often that being tipped off to 'new' content became increasingly rare. In some instances an observer could watch the same content shares going round and round again like a bad chain letter.

This maturation of social media networks like Twitter has (in part) created a need for a more dynamic approach to content curation. Rather than doing your research at the beginning of the week and scheduling your content shares at the coveted peak click periods to assure maximum visibility, a new emphasis on real-time content discovery is in play.

Unfortunately, this type of real-time content discovery had to be performed manually which both consumed a lot of time and made discovery more like prospecting for gold with a pan than sweeping a metal detector over the web. But that’s changing…

Here, in no particular order, are five new tools that can dramatically improve your ability to discover and curate content in real-time without getting your hands dirty… or as dirty.

1. Bottlenose combines your Twitter and LinkedIn activity preferences with a continuous scan of trending topics to serve up semi-tailored results in real-time. Bottlenose also offers very solid search ability.

2. The company’s tag line is the 'interest network' and it’s a fairly accurate summation. Of the quintet, it also offers the most attractive user experience. You’ll notice the similarities to Pinterest right off the bat.

3. The cleaver name is a bitlified version of real-time by the folks that brought you serves up content with stats telling you how popular it is – in real time. For instance, an interview with Ryan Reynolds might be getting shared 20.7 times per minute.

4. Social Buzz Social Buzz works by taking your keywords, running a search and then adding the analytics associated with those results to give you the most relevant content options.

5. SocialEars SocialEars claims to use contextual analytics in its search. It’s search results not only rank content by its real-time share factor but also by the influence of authors, making the content it finds potentially more authoritative than others. The downside is that knowledge required to perform the analytics grows over time and presently the ‘intelligence’ only covers a few industries.

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Why These Tools Give You A Competitive Advantage

Real-time discovery of quality content is becoming more important because pre-scheduling sharing of older content doesn't have the same impact it once did. The field of real-time content analysis is evolving quickly. The chart above illustrates the sharing timeline and identifies the discovery hotspot that these 5 tools help identify. Quality content discovered and shared in the hotspot is more likely to be viewed by your followers and network as a news breaker as opposed to a news follower - which can increase your online authority, establish you as a trend spotter and help give your business an information edge.

What tools have you discovered to help curate and share high quality content in real time? How has real-time content curation impacted your online authority or helped your business?

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