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Kevin Jorgensen is a partner at IMR and has led marketing, sales and product development teams in packaged software, enterprise software, SaaS and marketing services businesses.

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Is Paid Search Compatible With Inbound Marketing?

I get this question a lot: “Is paid advertising compatible with inbound marketing?”

Most people who find their way to...

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HubSpot API Enables Coupon Solution for B2B e-Commerce

Inbound marketing can create the kind of great online shopping experience that builds lasting satisfied customer...

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Confused About Lead Scoring? Lead Scoring 101

You used inbound marketing to transform that old website you thought was just an online brochure into a lead generating...

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3 Steps to Transform Your Sales Funnel From Awful to Amazing

How to Build A Great Online Sales Funnel in 3 Steps

Do you have a sales funnel? I’m not sure who to attribute the...

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3 Reasons B2B E-commerce Solutions Are Different Than B2C

Thanks to the success of Amazon and other e-tailers, $1.7 trillion will be transacted in business-to-consumer (B2C)...

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Six Ways to Align Your Organization for a Smoother CRM Implementation

In the market for a customer relationship management (CRM) package? Even before you purchase, there are several...

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Lessons B2B Inbound Marketers Can Learn From E-Commerce

What is the model for a successful B2B website? It’s a good question. Most marketers will recognize the old website...

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The Content Marketer's Checklist For Optimizing Blog Content

When you blog, do you consistently do the things that make your content beneficial to your audience? Blogs are...

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Discover The New Way To Do Content Marketing at Inbound 2013

If you’re coming to Boston August 19th through the 22nd for the Inbound 2013 conference, don’t miss the opportunity...

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Great Content Doesn’t Make Great Content Marketing

I love to take things apart. I find it fascinating to understand how things work and I know that I really understand...

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