Millennials Are IgnoringYour School’s Marketing; Strategies to Reach Them

By: Kevin Jorgensen on 9/27/15 1:30 PM

What do your school’s campaigns for attracting qualified applicants look like? If you’re like most higher education marketing and admissions teams, your strategy is thin and your campaigns look something like this: 

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How to Save Your School's Admissions Team Hours Each Week With Email Automation

By: Danielle Winkler on 8/19/15 8:00 AM

How many hours a week does your school’s admissions team spend manually emailing prospective students? Do you have a common process and templated response in place to follow up with inquiries?  Or is it the Wild West, with each admissions counselor doing his or her own thing?


“I hear you’re interested in learning more about our fine university…”

Even if your team does have a template they use for inquiry follow-up emails where they just swap out the name and email before sending (Mad Libs-style), that’s still quite the time suck. If that sounds like the kind of work that could eventually get replaced by robots, it’s because it can!

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6 Ways to Target Prospective Students With Automated Emails

By: Danielle Winkler on 7/31/15 7:33 AM


Earlier this week we discussed how admissions teams can take advantage of email automation to save hours of work each week. Today we’re going to dive into examples of different ways you can use nurturing emails to keep in touch with prospective students.


Why Use “Nurturing Emails?”

First off – what are “nurturing emails” anyway?

Nurturing emails are a series of pre-scheduled emails aimed to further develop a relationship with leads throughout their school search process. The primary goal of nurturing emails is to provide information that answers their questions. The secondary goal is to encourage them to take the “next step” to move further through their decision process.

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