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What is the Content Marketer's Blueprint™?

The Content Marketer's Blueprint™ (CMB) is a complete inbound marketing strategy for growing a business online.

An online sales engineCMB-sample-page-1

A CMB is a detailed design for building your organization's complete digital marketing strategy. Using the CMB as your guide, you can construct a sales process for your business, that takes your buyer personas through the buyer's journey from visitor to sales qualified lead. We call this a sales engine.



YourBlogTopicsThe content to fuel the engine

The CMB defines when, where, and how many blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, and more that you will need to fuel your sales engine. It tells you which content topics to start with and organizes your content and lead nurturing campaigns not just to attract leads but to produce actionable metrics that, combined with the Lead Quality Report, tell you exactly which activities and channels produce your best results.




Building the Blueprint

The process for creating your CMB starts with a customized questionnaire that captures your brand values, buyer personas, the reasons people buy from you, and the reasons they don't. This carefully gathered information is mapped onto the proven Blueprint template model for attracting prospects and nurturing their interest to a point of qualified sales engagement.



Cloud_Backup_CMBWhat's in the CMB for me?

The CMB is a 28-page custom inbound marketing strategy for growing a business that's used in an agency service engagement with Innovative Marketing Resources, including:

  • A clear explanation of your sales funnel and how it relates to marketing
  • A step-by-step guide to automating a sales process
  • 24 optimized, analysis-driven blog titles and three premium content titles to start your content marketing campaign
  • Specific recommendations for automated lead nurturing emails
  • Strategies for using a website to address common objections to buying
  • A monthly Lead Quality Report and analysis

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