Stage 2: Consideration

So your prospect is aware they have a problem (e.g. their house is not safe from robbers) and they understand potential solutions to that problem (e.g. get a security system installed). They are now entering the consideration stage. This is the stage where they actually start evaluating their options. In the case of a homeowner, they might be evaluating home security companies, as well as setting up their own DIY security system.
Just like with the Awareness stage, the right content delivered at the right time can insure that your company is in consideration. h

So what is the right content for the consideration stage?

Exactly what you'd expect: content about your company or your solution. Alternatively, content that may not necessarily be about your company, but will allow you to be a part of that consideration set:
  • Solution guides - they give a run-down on your specific solutions. Think of it like a sell sheet.
  • Comparison Matrices - people care about the offerings of your competitors. Provide that information for them in an easy-to-see method, rather than having them spend inordinate amounts of time on competitor sites.
  • Webinars - webinars allow you to grow familiarity, and acts as a launchpad for a discussion with your prospects. 
  • Videos - videos can often explain your product and solution in far fewer words.
  • Brand-specific guides - these are guides, whitepapers, etc. that incorporate your brand or solution into the guide (e.g. "the coolest things you can do with a Boston Alarm Company home automation system").
  • Audits - an audit is a great way to get your company in their consideration list. By offering something helpful, for free, you can insure your spot. Hubspot's Marketing Grader is one of the most famous and successful examples of this.
  • Demo/Trial - Another great offer to help your prospect better understand your solution and the value it provides.

Of course, the content you offer might differ from the above, but it's a good guideline. Ultimately, the content you offer is based on the information gained during the buyer persona research that allowed you to map the  Buyer's Journey. 

Strategy in Action: Boston Alarm Company

To help you better understand these concepts, we're using one of our clients as an example. In this section we'll be looking at consideration-stage assets delivered to our primary persona: the homeowner.




Content Type: Competitor Cost and Solution Matrix Guide

Messaging: "If you're in the market for a home security solution, look no further. This 'one-stop shop' guide covers all of the major competitors, their solutions, and their prices."

Reason for Exisiting: our prospects are evaluating competitors, we may as well control the discussion.

KPI: 41 Marketing Qualified Leads                    



Content Type: Video

Promoting: Mobile Technology

Messaging: "Watch this video to learn exactly how our mobile technology interacts with your home alarm and home automation system."

Reason for Existing: Goes into increased product detail, and outlines some of the cooler things you can do with our tech (aspirational).

KPI: 1000+ views



Content Type: Email

Promoting: Free Home Security Audit

Messaging: "One of our certified technicians will gladly walk through your house and provide a full security audit, as a service to you and our New England communities."

Reason for Existing: This offer is critical - it allows us to (literally) get out foot in the door.

KPI: Over 100 assessments delivered as a result of this email

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