Struggling with inbound marketing?

For the past decade, inbound marketing has been the most effective marketing method for doing business online. When done right, it attracts visitors, converts them into prospects, and closes them as customers.

But it's not simple.

Content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, lead generation, TOFU, MOFU, BOFU, can be overwhelming when you just want to know how inbound marketing can help you grow your business.

This is why we created the Content Marketer's Blueprint. By reading it, you will have a better understanding of how every aspect of an inbound marketing campaign works together to drive customers to your business.

In addition, every blueprint comes with an actionable, personalized inbound marketing campaigncomplete with content titles, email marketing strategies, tools to use, metrics to measure, and more.

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CMB for Boston Alarm Co.*

Inside this sample Blueprint, you will see:

  • The different stages of the sales funnel.
  • How personas and triggers define the content that will attract qualified prospects.
  • The role that blogging plays, and how the Blueprint creates a structured blogging campaign.
  • How to create premium content at every stage of the inbound sales funnel.
  • The importance of email marketing for nurturing inbound leads and converting them into sales-ready prospects.
  • About the tools to use, the metrics to measure, and the best practices to follow.

* name has been changed for anonymity

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