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Why Content Marketing Alone Won’t Work

David Holmes
Posted by David Holmes


At our agency, we have decided to stop calling ourselves content marketers or online marketers and start calling ourselves “digital engagement marketers.” This isn’t just a new buzzword that makes us feel important. We have truly come to believe that simple content marketing is not enough to grab and hold the attention of prospects online and—most importantly—keep them coming back for more.

For that, you need engagement.

What is Digital Engagement Marketing?

Like most aspects of marketing in the 21st century, digital engagement marketing comes from many existing concepts.

When you hear the term “engagement marketing,” you might tend to think of offline marketing tactics that physically engage people. A classic example of this would be a street team directly interacting with people, like asking for donations or promoting an event through word of mouth.

So how does one digitally engage prospects? You engage prospects by actually reaching out to people online; whether the medium is through email, live chat messaging, or even just conversing in forums or social media platforms. However you choose to communicate, make sure that it’s personalized (not automated), genuine, and most importantly helpful.

Before trying to engage prospects online with your latest premium content such as an eBook or case study, make sure that it is relevant and warranted (spamming is not a form of digital engagement). The goal isn’t to sell your product or service, but rather open a dialogue that reveals insightful information about their challenges that you can’t capture on a form or survey.

The key is to listen to their challenges and have a meaningful conversation. It’s essential to develop a meaningful relationship based on such conversations because in the end it will establish trust through your expertise.

Perhaps the best example of digital engagement is a webinar in which the conductor interacts with the attendees rather than lecturing them slide by slide. Webinars are a great way to engage with prospects in a meaningful way because they allow the conductor and attendee to have an open dialogue in real time, which, in turn, keeps attendees engaged.

The Difference Between Digital Engagement Marketing and Online Marketing

The difference with digital engagement marketing is that it’s done solely online. This is not to say that digital engagement is just another synonym for “online marketing”; there is a distinct difference.

Digital engagement is more than just online marketing because online marketing just increases the amount of content on the web. As online and content marketing become more popular, they also become more saturated. With so much online content being generated by so many businesses, it’s harder to stand out and be recognized.

Digital engagement focuses on more than just creating content. It focuses on grabbing someone’s interest, holding it, and keeping them coming back for more. 

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