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How to Boost Your Blog Subscribers 5x [New Ebook]

Ross Andrew Simons
Posted by Ross Andrew Simons

What if I told you that you could have a captive audience hanging on every word you write? What if they not only ALLOWED you to email them as much as you want, every darn day even, but also looked forward to your emails? 

The key: blog subscribers. 

Blog subscriber count is one of the most underrated metrics in all of inbound marketing. Seriously. So much attention is paid to traffic and leads, but so little attention is paid to growing blog subscribers. And that's a mistake. Why?

Blog subscribers = captive audience.
Captive audience = engaged leads.
Engaged leads = more sales.

(A long-term captive audience is especially critical to your sales and marketing efforts if you have a long sales cycle.)

So I wrote you an ebook. Not just any ebook, but the blog subscriber ebook to end all blog subscriber ebooks. This ebook has 25 ACTIONABLE tips across 4,700 words, and not an ounce of marshmallow-fluffy content as far as the eye can see. These same tips have been used by myself, and the rest of my agency, to grow our client's subscribers. 

The Wellness Institute had 115 subscribers in December of 2014, which they had slowly grown over 2-3 years. We implemented just a few of these changes and now they have close to 1,500 subscribers.

These tips, if you implement them, WILL help you grow your subscribers. 

Click this link to download our blog subscribers ebook.

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