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How to Track Unique Visits in HubSpot

Danielle Winkler
Posted by Danielle Winkler

How to Track Unique Visits in HubSpot

If you've used Google Analytics, you're probably familiar with the idea of "unique visits" (although these days Google has actually updated their terminology to call these "users").

Cookie Monster saying "I don't always change my internet settings, but when I do, I enable cookies"Marketers often care about unique visits because they trepresent unique, individual, anonymous visitors coming to a website - a good statistic to know! But this is often a dicey metric to track - even the best tools (like Google Analytics) can only make a "best guess" estimate by trying to track users with cookies which isn't always reliable. Users can clear cookies, use browsers that block cookies, or a whole host of other things that mess with this data (for a more technical explanation of how this works, check out this great article on Cutroni, Hits, Sessions & Users: Understanding Digital Analytics Data).


HubSpot does not track "unique visits" precisely because this data is often skewed. Instead, HubSpot offers two other visit metrics to marketers:

  • Visits - a "visit" is any time someone arrives on the site from an external domain. It is not influenced by the # of pages they click on and go to once they are on your site
  • Page Views - this is the total # of pages that have been visited/clicked on
    • Page views are tracked in the Page Performance tool. You can look at the total number of page views on any single page, or the total across your entire website
This HubSpot article explains a bit more on these two metrics in detail.

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