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Discover The New Way To Do Content Marketing at Inbound 2013

Posted by Kevin Jorgensen

If you’re coming to Boston August 19th through the 22nd for the Inbound 2013 conference, don’t miss the opportunity to hear Max Traylor, Director of Client Services at Innovative Marketing Resources speak about selling inbound marketing service retainers using the Content Marketer’s Blueprint.inbound logo

I had the opportunity to preview Max’s presentation. Without stealing his thunder, here are a few highlights.

What are the three things that keep agency owners up at night?

  • Sales,
  • Service and
  • Scale.

Max is going to talk about the one thing that an agency struggling with these issues isn’t doing now that it could be doing to:

  • Increase retainer sales,
  • Turn account service from an unpredictable nightmare to a pleasant routine and
  • Create the ability to scale from one to one-hundred clients without incurring huge risk.

Max is also going to share his story, going from a failed marketing services entrepreneur to selling 20 retainer relationships in just six months and bringing 5 clients back from the brink of walking away from HubSpot and turning them into testimonial accounts. He talks about what he learned and why inbound agencies struggle to make the connection with the client that transforms their relationship from vendor to trusted partner.

Lastly Max is going to describe a new experiment being conducted by Innovative Marketing Resources, called Open Source Inbound Marketing. It’s a bold idea that has the potential to create a shared center of excellence that will lift all inbound marketing agencies.

So if you’re at Inbound, stop by Max’s presentation. Room 206 at 1:15PM on Wednesday, August 21. If you can’t come by, catch up with us on Twitter, #cmbinbound.

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