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Did You Get Your Website On Google Shopping?

Posted by Kevin Jorgensen

Why would you ever consider paying more than a few bucks a month for a website? New low-cost alternatives-in-the-cloud pop up every week – each less expensive than the last. Most of them have a nice, easy-to-use, free, open-source CMS and plenty of bells and whistles to make your inexpensive website "pop" and even make it easy to maintain. Nearly all support a blog. Some are even based on the blogging-as-the-website concept, like Wordpress. With all these low cost, easy to maintain website platforms out there, why would anyone look further for a way to advertise their business? Perhaps that’s not the question we should be asking.

Lead generating machine


How Much Revenue Does Your Website Generate For Your Business?

None, right? And why should it? Afterall, it looks great. Lots of eye candy. Most business execs share the perspective, "our website serves as an online brochure, a way for prospective clients or customers to get to know us and what we offer". Or worse, “our website is an easy way for people to get the address and phone number for our business”. Fair enough. So your website helps in a couple of scenarios:

  • Prospects already know about you (from search on your name, direct referrals, advertising, etc.). In this case they read your stuff and maybe they contact you.

  • You're already in sales discussions with them and you send them to your website for "more info". Splendid, check the box. But wouldn't it be nice if you could show prospects something that they wanted to wake up to - every day?

But what is your website doing about all the prospects you haven't found or that haven't wandered through your door today (and there are precious few of those around)?

So, How's That Website-As-A-Brochure Working For You?

  • Do you even know? Do you have any way of tracking visitors and capturing leads? Are you able to quickly respond, with the right information, when a "hot lead" visits your site? Do you even know the difference between a hot lead and a pesky offshore SEO consultant when they submit a form?

  • What about all of the potential customers out there who don't know you (yet), don't care about you (yet) and are too busy to search for you? Are you still buying lists trying to find them? How will you reach them when you do? Email? Direct mail? SEO? Have you had any success at all with those?

  • Wouldn't it be nice if your website-as-a-brochure could be transformed into a lead generating machine - one that delivers sales-ready leads every day, all day?

Lead Generating Machines: That's What We Offer

We don't sell websites - we sell inbound lead generating machines – that happen to look like websites. We design them. We build them. We tweak them to conform to your business needs. And then we run them 24/7 to deliver leads to your sales team. This may sound too good to be true. And from the perspective of website-as-a-brochure, it is difficult to imagine your website as anything but a static piece of e-paper. But that's what a properly crafted and managed website does and that’s precisely what we do. Lead generating machines are what we sell and that's what inbound marketing is all about. So does this cost more than the website-as-a-brochure site that you have now? You bet it does. But it also does one critical thing that your website’s not doing for you now – grow your business. And at the end of the day, isn’t the real value of your website just that? If not, then you got what you paid for.


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