12 Content Marketing Best Practices for Schools and Colleges [Updated]

By: Monica Romeri on 4/21/16 8:24 AM

Students and their families conduct most of their research on schools online. As a school admissions marketing director, being a successful content creator and marketer should be a major focus for you.

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Why Video Trumps Direct Mail in Education Marketing

By: Joe Pettirossi on 1/27/16 10:37 AM



Right now in my household, I am conducting a very informal marketing experiment.

I have two high school juniors that are in the process of exploring colleges. For whatever reason, last week was a huge direct mail week in the house. My son and daughter must have both received about two dozen letters/packages for various schools (everywhere from Wake Forest, to UNC, to the University of Maine).

After sitting out on the counter for several days, I noticed that only one package was opened – the one from Wake Forest University.

Last night I gathered my “test subjects” and asked the question, “Why are you not opening any of the packages from the schools?” Without a moment's hesitation they both give me the same answer:

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Forget Financial Aid: What College Applicants Really Want to Know About Your School

By: Larry Jefski on 1/13/16 2:00 PM


It’s been over a decade since I first stepped through those large oaken doors at Wentworth Institute of Technology, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the waves of anxiety, fear, social awkwardness, and (eventually) the excitement that washed over me during those first few critical days at college; I’m willing to bet you remember your first days at school, too.

Which is why it surprises me just how little school administrators I talk to seem to understand just what is going through the minds of high school students as they search for, and eventually enroll in, a college or university.

Articles will tell us that financing and payoff are the top two things on college applicants’ minds these days, and for sure, they’re big. But the underlying question that all college applicants have never seems to change: “Will I fit in here?”

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3 Ways to Keep Your College’s Blog Going With Interesting and Valuable Content

By: Larry Jefski on 9/30/15 5:08 PM


Regular blogging makes the inbound marketing methodology work, but far too often I see schools and colleges try to skirt past this important step; they either try to outsource it, or they just let it fall by the wayside.

That’s really too bad, because I firmly believe the best blog content comes from inside your school, not a freelance writer who’s never set foot on your campus. After all who knows the daily happenings, struggles, interactions, and breakthroughs better than the people who work at or attend your school itself?

Of course, I understand why this happens, too. Writing public content can be scary for many people, plus it can be a real challenge getting already overworked internal teams or unengaged students to commit to a long term strategy.

If your college is having trouble keeping its blog going, here are three good ideas we’ve used with our education clients to help them ramp up their content output.

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What Should You Write About on Your College’s Blog? 3 Great Topic Areas

By: Matthew Cook on 8/24/15 8:00 AM

You’ve launched a blog in hopes of attracting qualified applicants to your college’s website. You’ve wrangled a group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable writers. Now comes the hard part. Everyone’s looking to you—pens in hand—to tell them what to write about.

As a concept, blogging for your college is a no-brainer: turn out a steady stream of content, attract website visitors, and watch the qualified applicants roll in. It’s that “steady stream” part that trips everyone up, though.

At my agency, we usually recommend to our education clients that they blog at least twice a week—more often is even better. How can you possibly keep pace without running out of topics?


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3 Premium Content Offers College Applicants Actually Want

By: Matthew Cook on 7/23/15 4:09 PM

How do you target content at an audience that doesn’t want to read? That’s the problem facing college marketers. Raised online, with their attention constantly pulled several directions at once by various social media outlets and mobile apps, today’s crop of college applicants doesn’t have the patience to scroll through endless prose, no matter how artfully crafted it may be.

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