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About This Webinar

As you probably know, my name is Nick Sal and I've spent the last half decade at HubSpot, training and onboarding agencies into their partner program. I've seen what activities and traits separate the best from the rest.

Now, I'm at Innovative Marketing Resources, a platinum partner out in Waltham. Why? Because the team over here is precisely aligned with my mission for the next half decade. Like me, they want to understand everything that ails inbound marketing agencies in 2015, move fast, and fix them.

It also helps that IMR has spent their last two years also training and onboarding agencies through their Content Marketer's Blueprint program, which has given them unique insight and experience.

In other words, we want to open the floodgates; the floodgates of success, of clients, of team growth, and of revenue.

And we're going to do that through building an agency super-group, the likes of which the inbound world has never seen.

Does that sound like the type of thing that might interest you? Good, that's what I like to hear. Now I just need you to meet me halfway. We can build this thing, together.

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