Elevate Your Social Media Game to a Higher Level

Posted by Monica Romeri

Jan 3, 2013 10:09:00 AM

Excellent content creation and social media success are closely linked and integral to each other.  The quality and social capital of content is becoming increasingly important.Elevate-Your-Social-Media-Game-to-a-Higher-Level  To achieve a high-performing website and generate new business, you need to create online content that is engaging, high-impact and highly shareable.  The goal of high rates of social content curation—social sharing—is becoming increasingly more important to SEO.  Each time your content is shared via social media, it gets a stamp of approval—increasing its reach and amplifying your opportunities for increased traffic, lead generation and enhanced SEO.   Once you create excellent, highly shareable content, you need to maximize its social exposure.   

Creating highly shareable content is the real hurdle. Once your company becomes a dynamic producer of such content, others will be encouraged to promote your content on your behalf.  In the meantime, you should be sharing your content on all the major social networks, including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, embed social sharing buttons on your website to encourage social sharing, and post your content to syndication sites, such as Social Media Today and Business 2 Community.  There are a wide variety of tools that can amplify social sharing, simplify content curation across multiple social networks and streamline the management of your company’s overall social media presence. 

10 Tools to Elevate Your Social Media Game

1.  Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows you to manage multiple social networks from one dashboard and optimize your activity in each channel for lead generation and conversion.

2.  Seesmic

With Seesmic, you can manage your all your social media accounts in one place.  You can access your social networks online or via a desktop application or cell phone. 

3.  Buddy Media

The Buddy Media platform enables you to quickly and easily manage your Facebook presence by scheduling your posts and messaging, helping you moderate comments and customizing the visual presentation of your Company Page.

4.  North Social

Enhance your Facebook page by creating custom applications that allow your brand to do things like integrate with Google Maps or Yelp,  post video content, host contests and much more.

5.  Storify

Storify lets you collect photos, videos, tweets and other social media content in order to create a single, integrated story that you can embed anywhere online.

6.  Wildfire Interactive

This application lets you to integrate traditional promotions, such as sweepstakes, contests and giveaways, with social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

7.  Backtweets

BackTweets provides reach and impressions Twitter statistics, alerts you whenever someone tweets a link to your website, identifies influencers and integrates with Google Analytics to see how Twitter activity is affecting your website traffic.

8.  Gremln

Gremln lets you schedule tweets, set recurring tweets, create and manage a “tweet calendar” and even translate tweets all from one streamlined interface.

9.  Sysomos Facebook Page Central

Sysomos Facebook Page Central offers automatic moderation, email notifications of posts, a dashboard monitoring key metrics and sentiment, and quick identification of top fans and themes.

10.  Conversocial

Conversocial provides automatic moderation to delete or flag posts based on keywords, drives all comments to your email inbox, sets up a team workflow and provides social analytics.

If you are able to create highly shareable content, others will promote your content for you.  However, you should help yourself and your company by actively participating in industry discourse and engaging your social following via social media channels.  Magnifying the exposure and influence of your content could help you be recognized as an industry thought leader, increase your reach, generate and convert more leads, and achieve higher new business generation.  With the right strategy and tools, social influence is within reach for you and your company. Raise your content creation and social media game plan to a higher level.

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