11 Statistics to Turbocharge Your Targeted Online Marketing

Posted by Monica Romeri

Jul 27, 2012 8:00:00 AM

The internet and the evolution of big data have forever altered the way marketers conduct business.  In order to succeed at targeted online lead generation, you need access to high-quality, hard data, solid analysis and advice.  Without access to current data on Targeted online marketing datamarketing trends, online marketers are ill-equipped to get ahead of technologies like Google's Panda algorithm or create more powerful content than their competition.  Get data on your side, and attract qualified leads for your business, school or nonprofit. 

Hubspot's Kipp Bodnar, author of the B2B Social Media Book, recently published a blog post, 21 Internet Marketing Stats that Will Blow Your Mind.  Last week, I shared and discussed 10 of these statistics.  Now, I will present the remaining 11 statistics and analyze how to use them to your advantage.  Stay informed about targeted online marketing, be on top of your game, and let these 11 statistics help you in acquiring in-depth data knowledge.

1.  61% of emails received at professional email accounts are not essential. Inboxes are overflowing with marketing email.  Therefore, the use of personalization, smart timing, and enticing calls to action are essential in making your content stand out and receive the desired attention. These best practices and much more are detailed in our free guide to email success.

2.  20% of Facebook users have made a purchase due to social ads or comment threads.  Internet users—like all people—are social creatures; their behavior is influenced by others in their social circles.  You can capitalize on this fact with paid and organic online marketing on Facebook to achieve increased conversions and new business generation

3.  17% of the top 1000 search terms on Twitter alternate hourly.  Twitter is all about being up-to-the minute current on important news and cultural happenings.  Ramp up your publishing frequency and make timely content the focus of your Twitter activities in order to satisfy the site’s information-hungry users.

4.  American consumers send 2.304 trillion text messages per year, up from 2.052 trillion only two years ago.  Americans exchange text messages at an astonishing rate.  If your company markets to heavy texting demographics, consider incorporating a text message opt-in as part of your targeted online marketing campaign.

5.  40% of the accounts and 8% of messages on social media sites are considered spam.  Unfortunately, email is not the online platform with a spam problem.  Take your time in customizing your social media presence, and create engaging content in order to distinguish your brand from the vexing spam bots. 

6.  88% of American adults use a cell phone, 57% have a laptop, 19% own an e-reader and 19% have a tablet.  Although the cell phone is the dominant communication tool in the United States, information consumption is fragmented.  Optimize your targeted online marketing for all the screens and devices used by your prospects.

7.  64% of people with smartphones use them to shop online.  The smartphone is ripe with opportunities to capitalize on impulse shopping.  If you sell products online, cater specific marketing campaigns to your smartphone-using prospects. 

8.  YouTube users spend over 3 billion hours watching videos on the site each month.  Although video is a major part of the internet experience, it is not the same as traditional broadcast productions.  When integrating online video into your targeted online marketing plan, ensure high production value, and pay close attention to video length.  Most viral videos are less than two minutes long. 

9.  Approximately 1 in 3 bloggers are mothers.  When looking for blogging expertise, look no further than the mom bloggers.  Everyone has influence and certain expertise you can learn from and leverage. 

10.  73% of smartphone users access social networks on their devices via apps at least once a day.  Social networking is mobile.  Ensure that the content you share on social sites like Facebook and Twitter is mobile-capable.  Without mobile optimization, you risk missing out on a huge demographic.

11.  91% of adult internet users frequent social media sites regularly.  Social media is fully integrated into American communication culture.  Do not ignore the power and influence of the online social sphere.  You should pay special attention to the major social networks, when creating and taking action on your targeted online marketing strategy. 

Which of these 11 statistics is most surprising to you?  How will you use this data to rise above your competition and generate more leads for your business, school or non-profit?  If you would you like to reap the benefits of our agency’s expertise, Innovative Marketing Resources is here to help get your business on track with a comprehensive, targeted online marketing strategy.

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