Nine Super Simple Ways To Amplify Your Content Marketing Voice

Posted by Kevin Jorgensen

Jun 12, 2012 8:05:00 AM

Content marketing is the foundation of your inbound marketing campaign to generate leads. Your blog, web content, webinars and other premium content all create that incredible attractive power that connects prospects with your business. However, the task of building your brand equity, enhancing SEO and amplify-content-marketing-reachgrowing website traffic solely by deploying high quality content on your own website and feel like Sisyphus eternally struggling to get that rock to the top of the hill. This is especially true when you’re just starting out. Take heart! There are ways to amplify your voice by spreading your content to other web properties. Try one or more of these nine tips in your inbound marketing campaign.

  1. Guest Blogging – Nothing new here. The power of guest blogging for building your cred is well documented. But rather than just being open to the idea of guest blogging, actively pursue it.  Once you’ve made contributions to other websites, you open the door to asking other bloggers to contribute you’re your site as well. … and don’t forget the inbound links!
  2. Syndication – The idea here is that your content is submitted to a content curation site, or better yet, the curation site requests to re-post your content. Syndication is one of the best ways to quickly expand your influence and brand beyond the results of your own organic search-based marketing.
  3. Social Media – This one should be obvious. Make sure you have social sharing buttons on as much of your content as possible. When you post your content to social media networks such as Twitter, remember to keep your posts conversational and use hashtags for distributing content to interest groups beyond those following you.
  4. Press Releases – New content marketers can find press releases mysterious and as a result often overlook the power of the press release to stimulate interest in your brand and content. Press releases can drive traffic and conversions for your ebooks, downloads and white papers when properly written, optimized and distributed over the right wire. Press releases are also syndicated on websites and are a source of high-quality inbound links.
  5. Interviews – Publishing great content can be a way to attract interview opportunities, especially if you take an edgy perspective. Having a media kit on your is a good way to advertise that you’re interested in contributing to an interview. You’ll be surprised at the attention it attracts from bloggers and media types hankering for a great interview.
  6. Videos – Everyone knows about YouTube. By publishing educational and/or entertaining video content on YouTube, your content may not only become popular on YouTube, but may be re-published on other websites.
  7. PresentationsSlideShare, SlideSix, Prezi, AuthorStream and Empressr are all great slide deck websites.  If you create presentations as part of your content marketing, increase visibility by posting to one or more of these sites.
  8. Product/Service Reviews – There’s nothing wrong with enticing reviews of your product or searvice with free offers for those who write reviews of  your brand. It’s a common tactic for link builders, but it can also be a powerful extension and amplifier for a content marketing campaign.
  9. Podcasts – Audio content doesn’t only have to be published exclusively for your blog. With tools like iTunes, it’s very easy to upload audio and publish it to large prospective audiences.

So what's the bottom line? If you're looking for ways to amplify your content marketing voice, these 9 tactics are best practices you should experiment with whether you're just getting started or have been toiling for years trying ot get traction. You can pick and choose. Try pushing content to some quality curation sites this month while you explore guest blogging opportunities. Once you have that working, add social media and slidesharing for your presentations.  The greater the number of channels you have distributing your quality content, the better... what are you waiting for?

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